Have you noticed the trend in the beauty industry – to promise you incredible results like “you’ll look 10 years younger by using this product” when in reality these products offer nothing more than temporary hydration? While moisturizing does lessen the prominence of undesirable surface defects, it does nothing to change the underlying dermal losses brought about by aging.

Before you despair and stop caring for your skin altogether take heart, there is growing evidence that topical application of unprocessed wholefoods has true “anti-aging” actions.

Research indicates there are four groups of topically applied substances which possess activities which reverse the degenerative skin changes seen with aging by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres.  These groups are:

(a) nonsaponifiable fractions of avocado and soybean oils,

(b) vitamin A derivatives,

(c) alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), and

(d) extracts of Aloe Vera

For Pure & Green organics customers, this is wonderful news!   By selecting a true certified organic skincare product you are nourishing your skin with real nutrition from wholefoods that are minimally processed and grown without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.  Organic products work so well because the ingredients don’t mimic body function, instead they feed and restore the skin to its natural healthy state.

Every lotion and cream in our range contains a base of Australian grown Aloe vera juice which researchers state significantly increases the soluble collagen level of the skin.   (Reference: Stachow et al., 1984) Aloe vera contains lignin giving it the ability to penetrate the skin’s waterproof layer for deep penetration.  It is for this reason our creams and lotions leave no greasy after-feel, they quickly absorb and nourish your skin.

Pure unrefined cold pressed certified organic rosehip oil is rich in Tretinoin, a derivative of Retinol (Vitamin A) and is also a key ingredient in all our creams and lotions.  In a study with human test subjects involving a 16 week randomized, double-blind study of topically administered tretinion in the treatment of photo-aging researchers found that 30/30 test subjects improved photo-aging treatment on their forearm and 14/15 showed improved photo-aging treated on their face. (Reference: Weiss et al., 1998).  These studies have backed up what women have known for centuries, unrefined rosehip oil is a wonderful skin healer and an essential part of true anti-aging skincare.

The mixture of avocado with soybean oil has been shown to not only prevent cutaneous ulceration, but highlighted an apparent synergistic effect on collagen synthesis. (Reference: Lamaud et al. 1979)   Pure & Green organics Age Defense Serum (due for release later this month) contains a blend of organic oils including avocado and soyabean to draw from these wholefoods powerhouses, as well as safflower (rich in linoleic acid to seal in skin’s moisture, and a source of Vit E), rosehip, tamanu (deeply penetrates the skin) and jojoba (closest plant based match to skin’s sebum).  During our research and development tests, 75 percent of users noticed an improvement in the condition of their skin after using the serum for just 3 days! (16 people surveyed)

So the future is certainly bright with so many studies suggesting the possibility of slowing down or reversing cutaneous aging effects by the mere topical application of a select few unprocessed wholefoods.  certified organic wholefoods nutrition based skincare is certainly the path for a younger looking future and at Pure & Green organics this is precisely what we deliver.



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