Did you happen to catch the report about Rosehip Oil on A Current Affair recently?  The segment was about the recent resurgence in popularity of Rosehip Oil. Supermodels,   including Miranda Kerr, credit it for their youthful looks.

If you’re not familiar with Rosehip Oil, let us give you the 101. Rosehip Oil is extracted from the seeds of the rosehip plant. The oil is high in naturally occurring vitamin A (trans- retinoic acid) as well as being rich in skin-loving Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. They are called “essential” because our body can’t make them, we require adequate amounts from our diet or topical application to keep skin cells moisturised and healthy.  It’s this nutritious bounty contained in Rosehip oil that brings results like fading of scars and wrinkles

Models swear by the stuff, but what about us mere mortals?  A visit to beauty chat room makeupalley.com revealed that many women who try undiluted rosehip oil experience breakouts after use, others suffer from an irritated, dry rash.  Why is this?

Vitamin A (even the natural  variety) is powerful  and sensitive skin  won’t cope well with using rosehip oil 100% neat on the skin, it’s just too strong and can cause irritation. Some rosehip oil products also contain lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant that is known to cause redness and itching in sensitive skin types.

Rosehip oil is actually much “greasier” than other oils and using it 100% neat on the skin will increase the instance of clogged pores, leading to an increase in the skin infection that causes acne.  It’s a shame that it is often marketed as a treatment for acne because for most people it exacerbates the condition rather than improving it.

Using rosehip oil diluted in a carrier base (eg  jojoba oil or a moisturiser) allows skin to become comfortable with increased levels of vitamin A and antioxidants without reacting.  You can gradually increase your exposure to build up to using it neat, but many find going no higher than a 50/50 dilution gives the best results.

At Pure & Green we have 5 products in our range that feature rosehip oil as a key ingredient that is diluted in a base of other skin loving botanicals (aloe vera, jojoba,  and tamanu) so you won’t experience irritation or breakouts after use.

If you’ve had trouble using rosehip oil in the past but would like to give it another try choose the products to suit your skin type from the list below:

  • Sensitive/Eczematic Skin – use Sensitivity Lotion morning and night
  • Dry/Mature skin – use Hydrate Lavender with 2 drops of our Age Defense Serum  (mix in the palm of your hand and spread evenly over your face, neck and décolletage) in the morning.  In the evenings use Rejuvenate night cream with 2 drops of Serum.
  • Oily/Acne prone skin – use Hydrate Citrus morning and night

Rosehip oil is no longer the secret beauty weapon of supermodels, REAL women can benefit from daily use without breakouts – try it today!


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