In our constant move to be ever greener we have just introduced solid ink printing for all our in-house printing. Basically tiny soy crayon cubes that replace massive conventional toxic toners

The first photo is one conventional toner, complete with all its packaging.

Below is our solid ink cube – a box of three cubes about the size of my hand.  This is equal to 3 conventional toners. BIG DIFFERENCE in packaging waste!

We can now print double sided, scan, copy and fax all from the one machine and it goes into sleep mode to save energy when not in use. Truly amazing and I recommend it 100%.

But wait the story gets better, when our new solid ink printer arrived, Xerox collected our old printer and recycled it saving it from landfill. We were even able to donate the box it was delivered in back to another Xerox customer giving it another life before recycling. Very smooth Xerox – we like your style!

Check it out some of the sustainability facts here:

Xerox Solid Ink – Sustainability Facts

Xerox – one planet – make a change