Winter is a great time to recover from hot sun and damaging UV rays. With a cooler atmosphere containing less moisture, your skin can become rough, dry and dehydrated.   This is a great time to include more nourishing skin care to your regime.  Night skin care has been used since Roman times, when ladies would sleep with olive oil on their faces, to help retain moisture in their skin and reduce wrinkling.   Now, equipped with greater knowledge about the benefits of specific ingredients and their synergistic effects, we have been able to formulate specific skin care to enrich skin overnight.


To be effective, a night cream must contain active ingredients in a sufficient concentration. Ingredients must also penetrate the skin and stay there long enough to have an effect.  Modern night creams such as Pure & Green Organics “Rejuvenate” is formulated with therapeutic ingredients to deeply moisturise and heal.  “Rejuvenate” boasts 9 anti-ageing and nourishing ingredients from the world’s “medicine trees”.  Aloe Vera contains lignins, an organic compound that acts as a carrier to take other  ingredients to a deeper dermal layer, providing deep moisturising.   Improved circulation is aided with the ingredient Blue Lotus Absolute.  Sea Buckthorn contains antioxidant rich vitamins to help combat damage from the summer sun.


Serums are a clear liquid beauty product often formulated to target a specific problem  such as reducing fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots,  the appearance of scars and to brighten the skin.  Given the drying effect of winter, Serums are a fabulous boost to a night regime.    Pure & Green “Organic Age Defense Serum is made from 100% active organic oils bursting in nutrition, including antioxidants to counteract the effects of free radicals due to UV rays and pollution.

Key ingredients include organic oils of Tamanu, Rosehip, Jojoba , Avocado and Soy Bean. Tamanu oil is unique in that it penetrates all 3 layers of the skin for deep moisturisation and restoration. Rosehip oil contains Vitamin A, a nutrient which lightens dark spots that often appear on aging skin. Jojoba oil is renowned for diminishing fine lines and wrinkles while Avocado oil is rich in vitamins D, A, E and proteins to help condition skin.  Soy bean oil works synergistically with avocado oil to stimulate collagen synthesis and elastin production.  The serum is scented with organic Rose Geranium and Frankincense oil which acts as a skin and scar healer.

How to Use: For best results, apply each evening after cleansing and toning skin.  Mix 1 pump each of “Age Defense Serum” and “Rejuvenate” in palm of hands and apply to face and neck in gentle circular motion.  Combining products enhances the absorption of nourishing ingredients.

Lifestyle tip:  Cold pressed oils contain essential fatty acids to keep skin healthy. Add more in your daily via walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds and flaxseeds /oil, cold pressed coconut oil and olive oil to maintain skin integrity.   Throughout the day, remember to hydrate from the inside by drinking plenty of fluids in winter such as herbal teas, coconut water or simply warm water.


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2 Comments on Skin Renewal During Winter – from our Naturopath Sasha Thompson

  1. Sharee Taylor says:

    Hi is it possible to try a sample of your skin care range? I am having great difficulty in finding a good product for hormonal skin? Many thanks
    Sharee Taylor
    6 Alice street
    Burnie Tas 7320

  2. Hi Grace!
    Thanks for the post ” …………..” . I found it very helpful and expect other will find it useful too…….LoL