Part One – Health Benefits

The simple action of adding a little salt to your bath can bring many unexpected health benefits. Bath Salts are a wonderful way to relax your body, relieve sore, achy muscles and are particularly useful in the treatment of insomnia as the release of tension ensures a better night’s sleep

Draw your bath an hour or so before getting ready for bed. Use warm water but make sure it is not hot as this can dry out your skin (if your skin turns red the water is too hot).  Add a generous amount of Pure & Green organics bath salt while the water is filling to ensure good agitation.

Next, take a nice long soak!  You will start to feel your muscles loosen up and the tension of the day wash away!

Pure & Green organics bath Salts are also very effective at opening the pores to purify and cleanse the skin, ridding the body of dirt, sweat and harmful toxins. Our unscented salts with shea butter are particularly helpful for people with dry skin as it softens the skin and provides a lipid barrier.

Salts can also be used for their exfoliation benefits. Dampen a cloth, add some salt to the cloth and then rub over the knees, feet or elbows for an amazing therapeutic bath session.

If you don’t wish to soak your entire body, try soaking just your feet in a warm pan of water with some salt.  Soak until your skin is softer and suppler.

Salts are also good for the mind, using scented salts results in an aromatherapy bath session which can help reduce your stress levels, and enhance relaxation, both vital elements to achieving a sound night’s sleep.

Part Two – Ecological Benefits

Now that you are relaxed you can afford to contemplate some deeper ecological questions. With so many types of salt on the market – dead sea, sea salt, Himalayan salt– it can become a difficult choice.  Which salt is the most ecologically sound?

Australia is the second largest producer of salt in the world but practically all of this salt is produced from sea water which is processed using various chemical agents to remove all the inherent trace minerals found naturally in sea water. This type of manufacture also requires salt water to be heated to very high temperatures thereby creating significant CO2 emissions.  With greenhouse gas emissions being the biggest environmental problem facing humanity we searched for a better solution and found it!

The salt Pure & Green organics source to create our bath salts is naturally harvested from 5 million year old salt lakes situated in the remote regions of Western Australia, an ecologically pristine environment. It is a superior food grade salt product which is simply harvested; thus retaining all the naturally occurring trace minerals such as calcium; magnesium; iron and potassium all of which are essential to human health.

Harvest is slotted into the natural seasonal cycles of the salt lake. The rainfall over the winter months lifts some of the crust of the lake into solution to create brines that cover the surface of the lake. The summer sun evaporates the brine, new salt crystals form. When the new season’s crop of salt crystals dries, it is simply collected by scraping the crystals from the surface of the lake. Winter makes new brine. Summer evaporates the brine and salt crystals form and so the seasons repeat this entirely natural process.   By comparison Lake Crystal’s natural production methods create only 1/10th of the greenhouse gas emissions that are produced by other salt products

There is practically no invasive development of the local environment whereas sea salt manufacturing requires great tracts of land to be cleared in order to build artificial evaporation ponds.

In terms of sustainability, lake salt is far more ecological than Himalayan salt also.  Himalayan salt is a marketing term for rock salt from Pakistan, it is mined in the Khwra Salt Mines some 300km from the Himalayas.  During the mid 1990’s the mine was the subject of an important environmental case against the mining company. The salt workers union alleged that as a result of mining in their water catchment area, poisonous waste water discharged from the mines polluted the reservoir creating a health hazard for the workers and the local community.  While working conditions have now improved as they won their case, the case is now used to highlight that harming the environment inevitably harms humanity.

The extreme purity of the lake from which our Australian natural lake salt is harvested has been documented for almost 100 years. The salt is harvested naturally, filtered and kiln dried so the salt’s natural characteristics and composition remain undisturbed.  This natural lake salt is accredited by the Biological Farmers of Australia and Pure and Green organics Bath Salts are certified organic by Australian certified organic (ACO).

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