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Ask the average guy what they think about skincare and they will likely not have much to say, a little like “real men don’t eat quiche or talk about skincare!”.  The truth is men’s skin often takes a battering due to sun exposure from outdoor occupations or the rigors of sport and is in just as much need of care as that of the fairer sex!

To prove this point we’ve teamed up with House of Organic – an exclusive online retailer of Pure & Green products – and tapped into their celebrity customer base to show real men do use skincare and are happy to talk about it!

To learn more about House of Organic and to read the awesome sporting celebrity testimonials click here.

For most men shaving is a daily ritual and learning how to manage the effects of shaving to prevent a rash is a prime concern as is minimizing oil production and keeping skin looking vibrant.  Read on for information on how to relieve and prevent common problems such as shaving rash,  large pores and acne by using real organic products.

Men’s skin is oiler than women’s skin due to the production of testosterone and is apparent until men enter their late 40’s and early 50’s.  This can result in blemishes, acne and large pores. Another concern for men is infection of the hair follicles, (known as folliculitis) which results in inflamed skin.  It is a common problem for men as shaving aggravates the condition.  It usually looks like red pimples with a hair in the centre.  Bacteria can live harmlessly on many skin surfaces, but when the skin is punctured or broken due to shaving or squeezing pimples, the bacteria can enter the wound and cause infection. Also, daily shaving weakens the acid mantel, a natural protective barrier.  This negatively impacts lubrication and the skins natural protective system.

Prevention Solution

Good hygiene practices and a simple skin care regimen is the best way to protect you against bacterial infections and maintain hydrated, vibrant looking skin. Start with washing your hands frequently and showering daily to help to minimise bacterial infection such as folliculitis and acne.  Use a towel only once when you clean the infected area and wash the towel in hot water afterwards.   To prevent re-infection, regularly disinfect your shaver with a safe disinfectant – I recommend a spray product called ‘Food Rinse’, a naturally derived substance (bioflavonoid) which penetrates simple cell walls to kill bacteria and fungus.

Follow this 3 step process to minimise inflammation, keep bacteria low and maintain healthy oil production.  Aloe Vera juice, a key ingredient in all 3 products is highly anti-inflammatory whilst Lemon Myrtle has good antimicrobial properties.   Pure & Green organics “citrus with coffee beans” exfoliate clears away loose cells, dried oil plugs and dirt.  All products are soap free therefore assist in maintaining hydrated skin and balanced oil production.

  1. Clean your skin with Pure & Green organics “Lemon Myrtle” cleanser. Apply a small amount to your palm, gently massage into face then  remove with water.
  2. Tone to prevent shaving rash with Pure & Green organics “skin conditioning tone”.  Place a small amount to palms of hands and pat over face, paying particular attention to bearded areas.
  3. Exfoliate to remove excess oil with Pure & Green organics “citrus with coffee beans” exfoliate twice weekly after cleansing.  Apply a small amount to palm and massage into face for about 10 seconds. Leave for approximately 1 minute then wash off with warm water.

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Come with us on a field trip to Ant Packaging in Bangalow NSW to learn all about PLA bioplastic.  Watch it being made, learn why PLA is arguably the most environmental packaging material available to manufacturers at present and how Pure and Green organics is leading the way.

Watch the video on our Youtube channel here:

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Winter is a great time to recover from hot sun and damaging UV rays. With a cooler atmosphere containing less moisture, your skin can become rough, dry and dehydrated.   This is a great time to include more nourishing skin care to your regime.  Night skin care has been used since Roman times, when ladies would sleep with olive oil on their faces, to help retain moisture in their skin and reduce wrinkling.   Now, equipped with greater knowledge about the benefits of specific ingredients and their synergistic effects, we have been able to formulate specific skin care to enrich skin overnight.


To be effective, a night cream must contain active ingredients in a sufficient concentration. Ingredients must also penetrate the skin and stay there long enough to have an effect.  Modern night creams such as Pure & Green Organics “Rejuvenate” is formulated with therapeutic ingredients to deeply moisturise and heal.  “Rejuvenate” boasts 9 anti-ageing and nourishing ingredients from the world’s “medicine trees”.  Aloe Vera contains lignins, an organic compound that acts as a carrier to take other  ingredients to a deeper dermal layer, providing deep moisturising.   Improved circulation is aided with the ingredient Blue Lotus Absolute.  Sea Buckthorn contains antioxidant rich vitamins to help combat damage from the summer sun.


Serums are a clear liquid beauty product often formulated to target a specific problem  such as reducing fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots,  the appearance of scars and to brighten the skin.  Given the drying effect of winter, Serums are a fabulous boost to a night regime.    Pure & Green “Organic Age Defense Serum is made from 100% active organic oils bursting in nutrition, including antioxidants to counteract the effects of free radicals due to UV rays and pollution.

Key ingredients include organic oils of Tamanu, Rosehip, Jojoba , Avocado and Soy Bean. Tamanu oil is unique in that it penetrates all 3 layers of the skin for deep moisturisation and restoration. Rosehip oil contains Vitamin A, a nutrient which lightens dark spots that often appear on aging skin. Jojoba oil is renowned for diminishing fine lines and wrinkles while Avocado oil is rich in vitamins D, A, E and proteins to help condition skin.  Soy bean oil works synergistically with avocado oil to stimulate collagen synthesis and elastin production.  The serum is scented with organic Rose Geranium and Frankincense oil which acts as a skin and scar healer.

How to Use: For best results, apply each evening after cleansing and toning skin.  Mix 1 pump each of “Age Defense Serum” and “Rejuvenate” in palm of hands and apply to face and neck in gentle circular motion.  Combining products enhances the absorption of nourishing ingredients.

Lifestyle tip:  Cold pressed oils contain essential fatty acids to keep skin healthy. Add more in your daily via walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds and flaxseeds /oil, cold pressed coconut oil and olive oil to maintain skin integrity.   Throughout the day, remember to hydrate from the inside by drinking plenty of fluids in winter such as herbal teas, coconut water or simply warm water.


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2 tablespoons ground organic rosehips

½ cup organic coconut oil

1 cup organic cacao butter, room temperature

½ cup coconut nectar or raw organic honey



Place the rosehips in a shallow saucepan with the coconut oil and simmer over a medium heat to infuse. Cool slightly then set aside.

Place the cacao butter in a bowl (or processor) and whip it with a wooden spoon until fluffy. Slowly drizzle in the coconut nectar or honey (amount to your liking) and keep whipping. Finally stir through 6 teaspoons coconut oil with rosehips.  Store in an air-tight jar in the refrigerator for a week.

Yields approx 2 cups

Written for Pure & Green by Janella Purcell



To be told that you’re “positively glowing” is a compliment that most pregnant women would love to hear.   However, due to hormonal changes, many put up with dark patches on the skin, rashes, acne and stretch marks.    Knowing what personal skin care products to use to maintain healthy skin and protect the wellbeing of your growing baby can be bewildering.

Below are common skincare problems experienced during pregnancy and how you can find relief.


Problem #1 – Excess oil:  due to increased androgen (hormone) levels in pregnancy sebum (oil) production can increase in the first trimester, resulting in blackhead formation and outbreaks.
Solution:   cleanse twice daily to gently remove excess oil, bacteria and dirt using Pure & Green organicssensitivity facial cleanser”. Exfoliating once a week (or twice for acned skin) will help clear away excess oil and loose skin cells.  Avoid acne treatment products that contain salicylic acid (Beta Hydroxy acid or BHA) as this can be harmful to your baby.  Pure & Green’s “sensitivity exfoliate with wattle seeds has the perfect pH (and no chemical acids) to gently dissolve the bonds between dead surface cells and living skin beneath.Lifestyle tip drink plenty of water to maintain hydrated skin and gentle detoxification.
Problem #2 –  ‘Spider angiomas’:  refers to dilated blood vessels caused by pregnancy hormones which can occur on the face, chest, arms or  abdomen.
Solution:  Angiomas may clear up after pregnancy, but if not, they can be treated effectively with a non-invasive laser treatment.  Temporary relief may be found by toning with Pure & Green’s “tone with witch hazelformulated to tighten pores and contract tiny dilated blood vessels.Lifestyle tip increase high fibre foods & bioflavonoids (citrus fruit, blueberries & cherries) to strengthen blood vessels.
Problem #3 – stretch marks and itchy rashes: stretching skin on your growing belly and breasts can make you feel itchy.  Pre-existing dry skin, eczema and food allergies are sometimes intensified during pregnancy, increasing itchiness.
Solution:   Opt for pure, cold pressed organic oils to nourish your dry, itchy skin during pregnancy.  Pure & Green’s “sensitivity moisture lotion” contains nourishing oils of jojoba, macadamia and rosehip.  Rosehip oil, naturally high in tretinoin, reduces stretch marks by stimulating collagen and elastin production. Rosehip oil is safe to use during pregnancy and should not be confused with  retinoid concentrates that are often added to mass market creams (check labels for  Differin (adapelene); Retin-A; Retinoic acid; Retinol; Retinyl linoleate; Retinyl palmitate; Tazorac and avage (Tazarotene).Lifestyle tip include moderate exercise and keep your weight gain within the recommended limits.
Problem #4 – patches of darker skin on the face skin pigmentation changes are triggered by hormonal changes, stimulating  a temporary increase in your body’s production of melanin – the natural substance that gives colour to hair, skin, and eyes. Sun exposure plays a role, too.
Solution:  Pigmentation  usually disappear on their own after delivery. In the meantime protect yourself from the sun by wearing  an SPF 30 sunblock every day.  Use a non-irritating gentle cleanser and facial moisturiser. Pure & Green’s “sensitivity facial cleanser” and “sensitivity moisture lotion” are designed specifically for sensitive skin. Lifestyle tip avoid products with soy or lecithin as these can have an estrogenic effect that makes pigmentation worse.


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