Using certified organic skincare is to your skin what eating an organic wholefood diet is to your body. Organic skincare truly is skin nutrition and feeds the skin with anti-oxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids, essential oils and other nutrients in a way that the skin is open to receiving such input. It is not about creating a physical barrier, suppressing or “ mimicking “ skin actions , it is about feeding, building, regenerating, repairing, balancing, soothing and restoring the skin to it’s natural healthy state, and this is done in a way that you will notice results quickly as well as on a lasting basis.

Now, your skin was not made in a laboratory and it doesn’t recognize chemicals that where either.  You need to feed your skin REAL nutrients, not synthetic ones.  So unlike many so-called “anti-aging” products that contain synthetic vitamins, collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid  Pure and Green organics creams and lotions  help support the creation of your skin’s natural collagen supply through the nutrition of pure plant oils, butters and waxes.  These real ingredients are not rejected by your body but instead are readily recognized and absorbed by skin cells.

To get the nutrition to the deeper layers of skin, a product must first get through the outer “water-proof” layer, the epidermis.  Our products easily accomplish this through a foundation of high quality organic Australian aloe vera.  The lignins in aloe give it the unique ability to penetrate the skin’s waterproof outer layers while carrying other dissolved active ingredients deep into the skin to nourish the dermis.  Oils and other botanicals no longer sit on the outside of the skin surface going to waste.  You’ll notice when you apply our creams and lotions they absorb quickly with no greasy after feel.

Pure and Green organics “Rejuvenate” certified organic night cream boasts a full complement of 9 ingredients essential for glowing healthy skin- an abundance of antioxidants, lycopenes, vitamins A, C, E, minerals, essential fatty acids (omegas 3, 6 and 9), enzymes and other phytonutrients essential to supporting your skin’s collagen and elastin production.

This is a sensible, natural and effective approach to protecting your skin and fighting the signs of ageing.

An Organic skincare routine is simple and involves cleansing, toning and moisturizing daily and exfoliating weekly to help build the skin’s natural defenses by removing dead or poorly functioning skin cells and allowing new skin cells to restore vitality and glow.

It sounds simple because it is. Look after your skin and it will reward you with healthy rejeuvenation and natural beauty.

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