A few weeks ago I joined the Twitter community and I have been feeling my way within this unfamiliar space.  What I like about Twitter is the ability to directly interact with people from all over the world, answer questions or just tweet out some great info.

Tonight I was searching for a supplier of a particular ingredient and wouldn’t you know it – I found them on Twitter!  Yes, you can search for people or companies on Twitter and then link in to their website for more info.  For those of you smiling and saying, well of course, bear with me I’m still learning.

My advice to you if you are thinking about joining Twitter is only follow those people or groups with whom  you  share a common interest, as the more people you follow the greater the Twitter stream and it can get a little noisy.

If you want to tune in to my tweets I would love your company, my twitter handle is pureandgreen.  Look forward to chatting with you soon.

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