Dry skin is a very common skin problem, particularly in winter when the humidity is low causing “winter itch”.  It can occur at all ages and in people who are unaffected by other skin conditions.  Read on to discover some realistic skincare & lifestyle tips on how to keep your skin moist and nourished from the inside and out.

Facial cleansers

Tip #1 Take a short shower/bath in warm (not hot) water.  Hot water removes your protective oils, resulting in water escaping from your skin.  Protect delicate facial skin by cleansing with Pure & Green organics pH balanced, soap free “facial cleanser” which won’t overstrip your skin.  Cleanse your body with Pure & Green’s “cleansing moisture bar”, superfatted to ensure a percentage of oils remain in the bar for moisturising.

Tip #2 After your shower, gently pat your skin dry (rather than rub).  Immediately apply a moisturiser to trap and seal your body’s natural water in before it can evaporate.  For best results, use Pure & Green’s “age defense serum” rich in cold pressed avocado and soybean oils to nourish your face. These oils have a synergistic effect on stimulating collagen synthesis and elastin production.  Next, apply Pure & Green’s “hydrate deep moisture lotion”, suitable for both your face and body.  A key ingredient is organic jojoba oil – giving excellent absorption and readily replenishes our natural oils which tend to diminish with age thus preventing wrinkles and dry skin.

Tip # 3 Exfoliate once a week to help slough off dry dead skin cells.  A gentle exfoliation, like Pure & Green’s “exfoliate” won’t exacerbate a skin condition.  With a pH range of 3.5-4.5, you can gently break the bond between old and new skin cells, without harming delicate skin.  “Exfoliate” is available in low, medium or high scrub content.

Tip #4 Stay hydrated and warm by drinking plenty of fluids containing natural electrolytes which help keep the body’s fluids in balance and your skin hydrated.  Some tasty suggestions include Miso Soup, herbal teas, fresh coconut juice, fresh vegetable juice including apple to sweeten and ginger to improve circulation.   Heart-warming soups and veggie casseroles are also fabulous for maintaining healthy skin due to their water and electrolyte content.


Tip #5 Beautiful skin requires Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s).  Skin properly nourished with EFA’s is smoother, feels softer, is less susceptible to skin conditions, and looks radiant.  It also ages more slowly and remains wrinkle-free for longer.  Vegetarian sources of EFA’s include Flax seed oil (purchase from the fridge of your Health food store), Flax seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Walnuts and Spirulina, a highly nutritious microalgae.  Pure & Green’s age defense serum features organic, cold pressed safflower oil, rich in linoleic acid (an EFA) which enables the serum to be readily absorbed and act as a protective barrier for your skin.

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    I am 64 years old female.
    What products do you recommend for dry sensitive skin
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