028_Mailchimp_Lovage-1Lovage is a start-up online boutique representing premium quality natural/organic cosmetics. The Lovage philosophy is clear: to provide community members with toxic-free products that actually deliver on the skincare goodness promise.

As a newly founded community, Lovage’s aim is to source, sell and promote the quality of natural, organic skincare products so that they become the ‘norm’, rather than a ‘hippy’ trend. The vision is to spread the word and the knowledge one product at a time.

Lovage’s founder, Heidi, and her team, want to build an online community where people can share and exchange their knowledge and experiences about natural/organic skincare products. As a child, Heidi’s mother taught her the importance of nurturing and caring for her skin, and having struggled with sensitive skin all her life, searching for the best quality natural skincare has turned from being a necessity into a passion.

So, Lovage is proud to represent Pure&Green organics in its online store. Naturally grown and ethically produced, Pure&Green organics is one of the most principled and effective brands in the industry – a natural fit for Lovage.

If you want to take the journey with Lovage, you can start by visiting the store at lovage.com.au and liking them on Facebook at facebook.com/LovageCosmetics. Take one step at a time to a better natural outlook on life – with Lovage.