At Pure & Green organics we are all about relationships.  Whether we are engaging with our customers (directly through our service centre or via social media) or supporting our stockists through in store promotions or one on one training sessions the effort is worth it because we are building what we hope to be lifelong relationships.

 To honour our hard working and loyal stockists we’ve decided to create a “Featured Retailer” segment.  Our first stockist to be featured is House of Organic.

House of Organic is an online retailer offering quality organic products. Their range includes a variety of food, drink, skin care, body care, dental care, and aroma therapy products. What makes House of Organic truly unique is that they are the world’s first and only retailer to be exclusively dedicated to Australian certified organic products.

At the helm of House of Organic is entrepreneur Marcus Sou (pictured on left with Grace). With a passion for health and wellbeing and an eye for quality, Marcus wanted to create an accessible space where only the very best would do and the very best according to Marcus is real organic – we agree with him wholeheartedly!

The only way to ensure that products are genuinely organic is through certification and there’s no other certifier in Australia who are more trusted and respected for their organic integrity and strict standards than Australian certified organic. From this concept was born.

Another fabulous point of difference that House of Organic have achieved and why we love working with Marcus is his passion for changing the world.  Marcus doesn’t just want to “sell” products, he wants to change people’s thinking and promote wellness.  Marcus has contacted an amazing array of Australian television personalities and sports people to enlist their help to get the organic lifestyle message out there.  Well done Marcus, amazing work that needs congratulating!

As mentioned in our Men and skincare Health article, Marcus has been instrumental in proving that real men use skincare and are not afraid to talk about it!  Here’s what a few of House of Organic’s celebrity clients have to say about their skincare and wellness regimes.

Dean Gladstone – Bondi Rescue

 Dean  “Deano” Gladstone is a Lifeguard on Bondi Beach. He’s also one of the main stars on channel 10’s hit reality TV show Bondi Rescue. Broadcast around the world including the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Hong Kong and also on National Geographic Adventure, Bondi Rescue follows the daily lives and routine of the lifeguards who patrol Bondi Beach. The Bondi Lifeguards perform around 2000 rescues over the Australian summer period. They also deal with other incidents including lost children, shark scares, bluebottle stings, injuries, sexual deviants, drunken beach goers and thieves on the beach.

As a lifeguard Dean is always required to be constantly in and out of the water while also being exposed to the harsh Australian sun. He must also keep very fit and active and is always at the gym. In summer Dean would usually have up to 10 showers or hose-downs in a day. Dean takes skin care very seriously, with particular emphasis put on sun protection as well as diet. As part of Dean’s daily skin care routine he likes to use Pure & Green Organic’s cleanser, exfoliating scrub and hydrate moisture lotion. Dean showers with Pure & Green’s cleansing bar as it contains skin loving ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, and shea nut butter. Dean is a lover of coconut oil; he uses it to cook with and also uses it to shave!

Kayne Lawton – Manly Sea Eagles

Kayne Lawton is an Australian Rugby League footballer playing for the Manly Sea Eagles. From 2009 to 2012 Kayne played for the Gold Coast Titans. Kayne is a very mobile utility with electric pace and footwork. He is an absolute fitness fanatic who would love to be a pro-surfer if he wasn’t playing football. As a professional athlete of his calibre, Kayne puts a lot of emphasis on diet, nutrition and overall wellbeing. He believes that if you take care of your insides through eating healthy organic foods, it will become evident on the outside, with your skin subsequently becoming healthier as a result from healthy eating.

Being a professional athlete, regular intense training becomes his daily schedule and showering up to 3 times a day. Kayne’s skin care routine is quite simple yet effective. Some products Kayne particularly likes from the Pure & Green organics range at includes the cleansing bar, exfoliating scrub, and hydrate moisture lotion.

Jerrad Tyson – Western Sydney Wanderers

Jerrad Tyson is an Australian football (soccer) goalkeeper who plays for the Western Sydney Wanderers in the A-league. As a professional athlete who must always be in optimal conditions, Jerrad believes it is vital to have a healthy diet that is free from chemical riddled or processed foods. He comes from a family with a “healthy body, healthy mind”mentality who are also very environmentally orientated. Apart from football Jerrad loves to cook. Like his family, he’s all about health and wellbeing and his cooking reflects this.

Jerrad’s skin and body care is very basic but effective. As a professional athlete, as well as being a goalkeeper, Jerrad showers up to 3 times a day. He showers using Pure & Green’s cleansing bar and moisturises using Pure and Green’s hydrate moisture lotion. Two products that Jerrad particularly likes from the Pure & Green Organic range are the Hand & Nail cream and exfoliating scrub. His position in the team requires him to wear gloves and over time his hands get very dry, so the hand cream is an absolute essential.


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