Coffee beans unclog and polish skin while caffeine alleviates puffiness and redness while improving capillary tone for taut, healthy and unblemished skin.

Weekly use encourages the natural cycle of discarding old dry cells to reveal a glowing youthful appearance.  A fresh lively blend of essential oils suspended in aloe vera gel provide effective pre-moisturising cleansing.

This product contains a high amount of exfoliant, suitable for oily or combination blemish prone skin types.

Background story – waste wise coffee beans:

Pure and Green organics chose ground coffee beans  as our exfoliant material for the following reasons:

  • They are grown in Australia, reducing transport related carbon emissions.
  • Harvesting does not kill the plant, so topsoil is held in place preventing soil erosion.
  • We are able to source “waste wise” materials.

Coffee beans that are irregular shapes and sizes are usually not sold but added to the compost heap! We buy irregular sized Australian certified organic coffee beans and use them in our exfoliating facial scrub. They still smell like coffee and provide the same beneficial properties no matter their size! Irregular size does not mean irregular quality.

Innovative ECO Packaging:

Our exfoliate coffee scrub is presented in a  bottle made from plant sugar called PLA.  PLA is compostable and biodegradable in industrial composting conditions, but it will not degrade or disintegrate on shelves.  The PLA resin is imported from the United States and then custom manufactured for us into bottles in a carbon-neutral facility in Northern NSW.

Why have we chosen to use PLA instead of traditional petroleum based plastics? To put it simply a lot less energy is used to produce them so they are a more sustainable option.  Two key indicators for environmental footprint are greenhouse gases (GHG’s) and non-renewable energy use. Measuring these two impacts and comparing data between NatureWorks Ingeo PLA and traditional polymers (like PET & PS), provides a clear picture of the eco-advantage provided by PLA.

  1. Manufacturing Ingeo produces 60% less greenhouse gases than traditional polymers like PET & PS
  2. Manufacturing Ingeo uses 50% less non-renewable energy (NREU) than traditional polymers like PET & PS


Rest assured, this product ticks all the boxes and is a wonderful addition to your skincare regime.

Exfoliate organic facial scrub – citrus with coffee beans retails for $24.95.

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