Triclosan is referred to as an anti-bacterial agent (ie it kills bacteria)  Its use originated in the garden industry as a pesticide which is a really scary thought considering that tricolsan is now included in almost everything – chopping boards, socks, shower curtains, toothpaste, antiperspirant, shaving creams, hand wash, dishwashing liquid, children’s toys and even nappies!

Triclosan is being investigated by the FDA after studies revealed it has effects on the human endocrine and immune systems.  In January Australia’s NICNAS released a report stating that triclosan passes from mothers into their breast milk which is horrifying in my opinion!

But wait – it gets worse!

Studies have shown that triclosan can combine with chlorine in our tap water to  make chloroform gas (click on link to view report). This gas is a probable human carcinogen (do you really want to brush your teeth with chloroform gas?)  One study even showed that triclosan was broken down into dioxins in river water (link to the study) because of the presence of sunlight. So mixing this  chemical with water, either inside or outside of the house, results in toxins thought to be carcinogenic.

In Australia and the USA products containing triclosan must have this chemical listed clearly on the label – great, now you know what to look for and avoid it at all costs.

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