Wow, what a response to this blog!  99% of the comments have been very supportive and understood that the point of the article was to educate the consumer, to empower you  to make an informed choice with your personal care purchases.  Its akin to what is happening with food labeling in Australia at the present time – petitioning the Government to have vegetable oils clearly identified  so that if a product has for example palm oil in  it the label has to say so, to not allow manufacturers to hide behind the “vegetable oil” facade.    Once labelling is acurate the consumer can then decide what brands they wish to support and how they choose to spend their money.

Correct labeling of an organic product is really the same principal.  If you want to buy an organic brand, then it should be correctly labeled as such.

However, I did receive one complaint regarding the naming of the brands in question.  I should point out  this list is on the public record and has been widely printed in  newspapers and beauty magazines globally. However, not wishing to offend readers I have removed the names and posted a link to the website of the organic consumers association  .  Here you will find all the information regarding the case and tonnes more  so please take the time to follow the link and read all about it!

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4 Comments on Cheater brands update

  1. Todd DeFrank says:

    I don’t see how Dr. Bronner’s products can fall under the cheater brands.

    • Grace says:

      Dr Bronner’s is not a cheater brand, you have perhaps misunderstood our blog post. Dr Bronner’s are the heroes who have led the way in fighting the cheater brands. Dr Bronner’s are a fantastic brand, and if you read the post you will see we applaud what they are doing.

  2. Todd DeFrank says:

    Dear Sirs:
    Why is Dr. Bronner’s products under the cheater brands?
    Thank you for your time and any reply.

    Todd DeFrank

    • Grace says:

      Hi Todd, again can I state that Dr Bronner’s is NOT a cheater brand, they are the complete opposite! If you read my blog post you will see we applaud what they are doing in leading the fight against the cheater brands. There are some tag clouds to the right hand side of my blog, these are created by wordpress everytime I blog about a word it gets noted, the more I blog about something the larger the tag cloud. I have written a lot of good stuff about Dr Bronner’s so they appear in the tag cloud a couple of words after the cheater brands tag cloud, but that is purely coincidence and out of my control, these tags are created by wordpress. Thanks for your interest.