Natural Vs Organic

admin admin on October 4th, 2011

Have you noticed the trend in the beauty industry – to promise you incredible results like “you’ll look 10 years younger by using this product” when in reality these products offer nothing more than temporary hydration? While moisturizing does lessen the prominence of undesirable surface defects, it does nothing to change the underlying dermal losses […]

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admin admin on April 13th, 2011

Do you often wonder if the natural and organic claims beauty products make are real? Or do you wonder what these claims actually mean? If you feel confused or misled by all the organic hype then keep reading as we help you identify if it’s bona fide organic or just a fake. Beauty products can […]

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admin admin on February 27th, 2011

Many members of our Facebook community have commented how they would love to understand how to read labels and learn the secret to determining just how much of each ingredient is in a product.  With the plethora of cosmetics on the market each with their own intricacies to fathom, I thought we would start this […]

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Where did all this fuss about being “natural” or “organic” come from? Before the emergence of synthetic chemicals, all skin, hair and body care was organic, natural and for the most part non-toxic. However, making natural products was difficult and time-consuming. Consequently, only the rich had perfumes, moisturisers, hair products and cosmetics. The general public […]

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