After many years in her career as a legal researcher Grace Culhaci and her husband Sam were expecting their first child.  Grace left her career to work from home supporting  Sam with his business and to care for their daughter.   Feeling continuing discontent with the chemically laden skincare products she was buying for the family and  being instinctively drawn to organics and Wholefoods as a healthier way of living Grace began making her own synthetic free cleansers and soaps.

Grace herself faced major setbacks with her health and for a time lost almost ½ the vision in one eye due to an inoperable tumour growing on her optic nerve.  As someone who has been faced with such challenges she appreciates that lifestyle and what you put in and on your body is of the utmost importance to wellbeing and it was these experiences that birthed the Pure and Green brand.

The foundation of our company is summed up in these three words:

  • pure – not synthetic
  • green – made from plants, and
  • organic – grown sustainably without synthetic chemicals.

Many people starting an Organic personal care brand believe that it is as simple as choosing some natural and potentially organically grown ingredients and putting them together and as many find out it is harder than it looks.

Truly organically grown ingredients are minimally processed to create skincare ingredients, which then makes them more difficult to put together in truly effective product. Grace through her perseverance and dedication to purity and eco-sustainability has accomplished this difficult feat and achieved what no other company has to date – Organic certification across all products in the range to the highest current standard of a minimum 95% of certified organic ingredients per product.

The company is now in its third year of certification. The products were launched in August 2009.

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  1. Tania says:


    I was wondering if you can send me lots of eye creams, serums, gels, moisturisers, make up in a beige, and also if you have anything for fine hair is well, hand creams and foot massage oils/creams etc, my address is 4 Turnwood Vista Wanneroo WA 6065, look forward to hearing from you, have a good day, also if you have any argan oil samples is well, thanks.

    Kind regards


  2. Mel says:

    Hi Grace

    Hoping you can provide advice on 2 areas for me. My own ageing skin – I’m almost 40 and do not use a particular product and generally fall back to supermarket products due to the cost. Also my 12 year old daughter has started to break out across her forehead and chin. She is quite self conscious about this and I want a gentle product for her to use everyday to develop a good routine. Unfortunately I cannot afford to spend a lot of money on skincare products. Thanks Grace.

  3. cassie says:

    to Grace

    Im a single mum with a 5 yr old girl. im right into the environment and work with animals volunteer and lately have been finding it hard to get hold of pure natural products that dont hold any sort of synthetic preservatives or ph. i normally use sanctum which has worked well for my skin by find no matter wat product i try for my little girl she still reacts and ends up rashing and itchy. I am wondering do you have any products you would recomend me trying for extremely sensitive skin and can handle eratic weather conditions since our weather has been unusually irregular that i may try a sample of for her condition.

  4. Kanteesty says:

    very interesting, thanks

  5. kris mcpherson says:

    Hi Grace,
    This product sounds wonderful….Can you tell me if you have or looking into baby care? Starting up a organic baby business and looking into baby skin care products as well as other organic kids products. Looking forward in hearing from you soon..Also do you supply trial samples as i have a daughter that is having skin problems and would like to trial the product out on her skin.

    Cheers Kris

    • Grace says:

      Hi Kris,
      Once a baby reaches 6mths there are products in the Pure and Organics range which can be used very safely. Newborns generally don’t require anything on their skin except water to cleanse and a little natural oil to hydrate if needed, they are still forming a normal functioning barrier to their skin and it is best not to interfere with this process too much, once they reach 6mths this is developed and products for a sensitive skin may be used, such as the Unscented Cleansing Moisture bar for washing, and Unscented Moisture lotion for hydration. We do have trial samples of our hydrate moisture lotion – citrus, hand and nail cream – lavender and rejuvenate night cream, but as you require the sensitivity lotion why don’t you email me your mailing address and I can arrange a sample of this product for you. Contact me at Warm Regards – Grace.

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