Give your mouth a refreshing spring clean every day using toxin-free natural ingredients known to promote a healthy pH balanced environment for beautiful teeth & gums.

One of the amazing benefits of our teeth & Gums toothpaste is the fact that it is a gel concentrate. One tube of teeth & Gums equals 300 brushes or six tubes of standard (110g) toothpastes .  This is really important because tubes are rarely (if ever) recycled in Australia.  While the material is recyclable in theory, in practice tubes are not recycled in this country.  So, by choosing to use teeth & Gums you save 5 lots of packaging from ending up in landfill.

Use of our certified organic teeth & Gums with also enhance your wellbeing as you are eliminating toxins that are commonly contained in conventional toothpaste  – think triclosan, SLS, and fluoride.  Triclosan is referred to as an anti-bacterial agent and  is now being investigated by the FDA after studies revealed it has effects on the human endocrine and immune systems.  In January 2010 Australia’s NICNAS released a report stating that triclosan passes from mothers into their breast milk.

But wait – it gets worse!

Studies have shown that triclosan can combine with chlorine in our tap water to  make chloroform gas (click on link to view report). This gas is a probable human carcinogen (do you really want to brush your teeth with chloroform gas?)  One study even showed that triclosan was broken down into dioxins in river water (link to the study) because of the presence of sunlight. So mixing this  chemical with water, either inside or outside of the house, results in toxins thought to be carcinogenic.

Instead of relying on chemical bacteriacides, teeth & Gums harnesses the anti-bacterial properties of  certified organic essential oils of clove, spearmint and mentholated peppermint to freshen your breath and minimise bacteria – naturally.

teeth & Gums is also  fluoride free.  Fluoride is not an essential nutrient, the body has no need for it and it is a highly toxic poison, more poisonous than lead.  It is the main active ingredient in rat and cockroach poison and the only thing that can cause dental fluorosis (destruction of tooth enamel).  Brain damage in children is one of many well documented effects of fluoride ingestion. You can not stop children from swallowing some of their toothpaste and toothpaste chemicals are absorbed through the lining of the mouth into the blood.

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) a foaming agent commonly added to toothpastes is also the leading cause of mouth ulcers and damage to mouth tissue which allows greater absorption of other toxins, such as fluoride. Instead of SLS teeth & Gums uses pure organic coconut oil as its foaming agent.  Isn’t it time you switched to a healthy, ethical toothpaste?

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2 Comments on A Spring Clean for your Teeth & Gums

  1. Priscila says:

    Is the teeth and gums toothpaste safe in pregnancy?

    • Grace says:

      No doubt you are asking this question due to the inclusion of essential oils, namely mentholated peppermint, spearmint and clove bud oil. Regarding the safe use of essential oils during pregnancy generally such decisions must be made by yourself under consult with a health care practitioner as your previous history must also be taken into account. However, I can generally advise you the following which may be of some assistance:

      I have spent some time conferring with Martin Watt, leading expert in safety of plant aromatics and it is his view that particularly during later pregnancy, the baby is placing a heavy burden on its mothers liver. It produces large amounts of metabolic waste products (toxins). At this stage the mothers skin can become highly sensitive and irritable so you would need to be careful if you need to use essential oils on the skin. The question of which oils should not be used during pregnancy generally, well basically those same oils which should not be used on the skin by anyone else. Abortifacient effects are traditionally associated with essential oils high in apiol, thujone, and pulegone. However, the only evdience of abortifacient activity is when essential oils are consumed in massive doeses; exactly the same as with an overdose of many drugs. Many of the oils commonly implicated are in fact permitted food additives. A lot of the aromatherapy trades information is derived from the use of herbal medicine internally which is different from external use of the plant oil for cosmetic use. Organisations such as the World Health Organisation, the FDA in the United States, and The Council of Europe publish maximum recommended levels for essential oils in food. These organisations will not pass an oil as being fit for food if there is the slightest hint of potential harm to a foetus.

      If a pregnant woman uses the following, then she is ingesting essential oils or their chemical components:
      peppermint, spearmint or other aromatic flavoured sweets
      cough sweets
      chewing gum
      takes excessive stomach acidity soothing tablets
      eats Christmas cake or other fruit cakes
      eats candied peel
      eats candied ginger, or root ginger
      eats curries or other spicy foods

      In regards to our teeth & gums, it does contain mentholated peppermint oil, spearmint oil and clove bud oil. As mentioned above, these essential oils would be present in a vast number of foods as they are actually approved food additives. However, due to some rare reported instances where mentholated peppermint oil has caused contractions we have posted a suggestion on our website that customers avoid use during pregnancy, as a precautionary measure . The final decision as to what you choose to do is yours. There is arguably more harm to the foetus from using traditional chemical based toothpaste then our beautiful certified organic teeth & gums, but at the end of the day you must make the decision that you feel comfortable with..

      All the best to you with your pregnancy, I have two beautiful daughters and can assure you the end result is definitely worth all the anxiety.